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Current Lava Conditions Page

 Lava is currently not entering the ocean. Boat ramp is also shut down due to volcanic activity.

Join us on a unique, adventure boat tour to see molten lava flowing into the ocean from Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano! Kilauea (on the Big Island of Hawaii), is considered to be one of the most active volcanoes in the world; erupting continuously now for over 28 years. Our boat tours offer a front-row seat to the awesome fireworks display of this volcano. Molten lava runs downhill from the vents into lava tubes, fissures and surface cracks on the eastern rift-zone of Kilauea. When the lava finds its way to the sea a dramatic spectacle of steam, boiling sea water and exploding red-hot lava is created.The Moku Nui is fully permitted.

What’s so amazing!
*See most active volcano in action!
*See lava flows pouring into the ocean
*Feel the heat
*Exclusive tour: No more than 6 passenger
* Each seat is a captains chair that swivels around for viewing.
*Easy Steps to get on the Lava Boat – Please see picture above
*Knowledgeable captain and crew born and raised on the Big Island and many years of ocean experience

Departure times:

SUNRISE – Check in 4:30 am Depart 5:00 am

SUNSET – Check in 3:15 pm Depart 3:45  PM

DAY – 7:45  am and 10:15 am  We offer day trips upon request when other times are sold out or to accommodate

Reservations for day tours are made by phone reservation only. 1-800-901-0468

Please note our sunset tour does not stay out past dark – The captain must have light to get back into the ramp as a safety precaution. Please see more details below under the FAQ.

You would need to join our 10:15 am  ( check in 30 min. prior.) To reach the departure point you would need to rent a car and meet us about 1 hr away.​

Departure Location:

Isaac Hale Beach Park

GPS: 13-101 Kalapana Kapoho Beach Road Pāhoa, HI 96778

Detailed meeting location and directions will be in your confirmation.

Location is approx 45 min from Hilo – 1hr from Volcano 2 hr from Kona​

Driving Distance:
Waikoloa   200/Saddle Road- 2hr 40 min ( 95 miles) Kona 200/Saddle Road- 3hr ( 110 miles)
Volcano 1hr 7min ( 40 miles) Hilo 26.3 mi ( 48 mins  1hr)

Tour Duration: 2-2.5 Hr.  ( We view the lava for approx. 30 min. )

What to bring/Wear: We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing for this tour and bring along a sweater or light jacket.If you have electronics best to put them in a ziplock or dry back. The boat does not splash up waves from the ocean (maybe a little spray if it is windy) but the boat currently does not have a bimini top.

Operation Boat Facts:
One Boat is a 25ft Coast Guard Certified World Class Catamaran with 2- 200 Yamahas. 6 individual captain seats are extremely comfortable and swivel around for viewing purposes. The vessel does not have a head (Bathroom) on board, however there are restrooms and the meeting location. There is currently no bimini covering the top of the boat.

Safety is our first priority. The waters on the East side of the Big Island are known for being choppy and require a captain with the know-how and a well maintained vessel. Our captains were born and raised on these waters their whole life knowing all the ins and outs. Boats are fully coast guard certified and are equipped with life vests at all times. We hold 2 million dollar insurance. Due to our strict regulations, in all years of operation we have had not one… not one single injury on this extreme tour….and plan to keep it that way.

This is an extreme adventure tour and the boat ride can be very bumpy.

Pregnant women are NOT permitted on this tour.

This boat tour is not recommended for anyone with recent back surgeries/injuries.

No children under 9. This is not a law but a recommendation. Parents, you know your children best. Please do not put them on a tour they can not handle. Children are required to wear life vest at all times.

Must be able to walk up a 5-7 stair ladder to get onto boat

Weight limit – Must be under 275 LBS

Age Limit – 70 yrs

Sea Sick
If prone to getting sea sick we recommend taking Bonine or Dramamine enough time before you depart. Also several customers have recommended the patch, Scopalomine.


Adult /Child 9 & older -Reg $195.00

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