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C Big Island has been serving customers since 2007. Starting as family owned and operated we have expanded creating more opportunities for others. We have partnered with some of the best operators in Hawaii in order to provide an excellent experience to our customers. We would be happy to have you join us!

Lava Update

Kilauea Lava Volcano Update for May, 26, 2022:

Volcanoes National Park – Volcanoes National Park is  open. We will start offering Volcano National Park Tours in January 2022.

Lava Boat –  The lava has stopped entering the ocean as of 2018. No lava boat tours available at this time.

Lava Hike -Lava Hike tours are not available at this time. There is currently no lava flows to hike to.

Lava Update

Kilauea Lava Volcano Update for May, 26, 2022:

Lava Boat –  Lava is entering the ocean, however the Pohoiki boat ramp is shut down. We are working on departing from Hilo, however it may be too rough of a tour for too long.

Volcanoes National Park – Parts of the Volcanoes National Park are open. For more info please visit Volcano Nat. Park Site.

Lava Hike – Kilauea Lava hike tours are on hold due to the evacuation and unsafe conditions due to volcanic activity.

Lava Helicopter – Helicopter tours are a GO! The pilots must keep their same FAA regulated flight pattern. They are not allowed to deviate off the rout or fly directly over any unsafe areas with poisonous  fumes. BOOK NOW!



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